Week Of Wellness – 7 Days of Reiki!

I am now offering a great way to receive Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki every day for 7 straight days!

Possible Benefits of The Week of Wellness:

Enjoyed remotely from the comfort of your home

Activation of weekly intentions and goals

Deep relaxation and a sense of peace

Stress relief for daily life

Help releasing layers of old junk, old events and old stories for a more authentic version of you!

Help boosting your immune system

Increase self-love

A private FB group with extra tips, tools, suggestions and at least one FB Live

More access to me

and so much more!

What could a week of Karuna Reiki and Golden Christed Energy do and create for you?!

7 straight days of energy support for just $55! That breaks down to just $7.85 a day!

The WEEK of WELLNESS runs every other week. Click the button to join the upcoming week!

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