Healer in Your Pocket – 90 Day Program!

Healer in Your Pocket Program with Rhianna Mays

Have you ever desired to have me on speed dial?  Want more access to me? Ready to deep dive into your healing and want someone there through the journey?

Choose the Healer in Your Pocket program for 90 days with Rhianna and receive:

Specialized help with my full attention! Within 24 hours of reaching out you’ll have me for: 

Intuitive Coaching

Perspective Coaching


Advice and other tools as the Universe provides

Remote Healing Sessions like 30 minute Reiki or 

Reiki Tune ups to help you through acute stress

Oracle Card Readings

Advice on Manifesting

Healy Frequencies sent (this is a frequency machine that can customize the healing frequencies just for you!)

Divine Healing Codes pulled just for you to help with current situation and instructions on how to use them.

Sound Healing Bowls (remote or in person)

Reiki Toning and Chanting to help move and release energy

Private Youtube video created just for you that sends reiki silently for bedtime

Access to private and special in person or remote appointment times that the public won’t see

A Chakra Healing Oil of your choice

Sneak peak at all upcoming retreats before anyone else!

And up to six 60/90 minute sessions!

The Healer in Your Pocket program gives you specialized help and unparalleled access to Rhianna to help level up your healing journey for a full 90 days!! 

What is possible for you during this time!? 

The Healer in Your Pocket Access is just $5555! 

2 Payments of $2777 available

Rhianna reserves blocks of time for sickness and vacation, but will make up time as necessary.

This program allows for up to six 60/90 minute sessions within 120 days of the program starting 

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