About Rhianna Mays

About Rhianna Mays, Energy Transformer and Intuitive

Rhianna Mays is the owner of Reiki Healing and Intuition, LLC in Omaha, NE.

She is a Holy Fire® World Peace, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, Energy Transformer, Intuitive Healer and Divine Blue Print Activator as well as an Access Consciousness Bars ® Practitioner and an Ordained Minister.

Rhianna has been helping people find peace and wellness naturally since 2016. As a trauma and PTSD warrior, she understands first-hand the importance of self-care and made it her life’s mission to help others create a spiritual, mental and physical life of well-being so they can be the best versions of themselves possible.

Known as an activator, Rhianna supports your spiritual awakening and healing journey with a variety of tools that can’t be defined by just one modality. As a channel of pure Source energy, Rhianna’s abilities have evolved. She utilizes faith healing, Reiki, Christed, golden stream of energy and Light Language Frequency Medicine that your body will utilize to more quickly help balance the body in all aspects. It has been reported by clients that this energy helps ease physical pain, minimize stress, helps release stuck energy that creates emotional imbalances, supports a person’s mental well-being, creates cohesiveness for your spiritual journey and much more.

Clients have also reported that her energy medicine healing sessions are deeply relaxing, battery recharging, and helpful in better connecting you to the Universe on a deeper level.  As someone that does this full time, Rhianna often express joy and deep gratitude that this is her “job”.  “How does it get any better than that?!”

Rhianna credits Reiki, energy healing, Access Consciousness Bars, faith healing and holistic wellness with eliminating her addiction to ADHD stimulant medicine, releasing trapped negative energy from traumatic experiences that caused her severe sadness, PTSD symptoms, anger, anxiety, and helping to support her thyroid.  Through the methods she offers others, she has also been able to unlock limiting beliefs around prosperity, abundance and her body image.  Though this was her personal, successful experience, she would never suggest ignoring advice from your own doctor.

Check out Rhianna’s YouTube page for more information, tips, tools and transmissions! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2eJshJvabkxXilaRsWVbEw

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