Empower, Inspire, Activate

Hi! I am Rhianna Mays. I am an energy transformer and intuitive that empowers, inspires and activates people and their highest potentials to help create a more peaceful and balanced life.

The Tools to Thriving

Access Consciousness Bars® -by lightly touching 32 different points on the head your body will discharge stored energy causing mental clutter, limiting beliefs, and bad habits. Clients have reported a meditative feeling while receiving, and afterwards have reported more mental clarity, calm, less emotional charge on triggers, less negative self talk and more!

Transformation in Progress Energy -this is a high frequency, golden Source energy that has evolved from Reiki. Your body will utilize this to create balance in your emotional, mental and physical bodies. (Remote & In Person Available) Clients have reported this session creates deep relaxation and help with stress as well as help in managing physical pain, and emotions trapped in the body.

Channeled Coaching/Teaching -this session helps guide you on your journey through intuition, connecting to your current energy, and providing action steps.

Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki Certification Classes -learn reiki for yourself!

Psychic Detective / Missing Persons – email Rhianna to set up consultation. (rhianna@reikihealingandintuition.com)

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A note from Rhianna-

“I believe we are all worthy of thriving. We, now more than ever, can change the generational stories that were handed down to us. I believe it is possible to change how we feel, what we experience, and how we see the world. I know it’s possible to thrive!

The life we desire is likely when we have the tools and hope necessary. Everyday, I empower, inspire, and activate others to feel how they want to feel, and help create a more peaceful and balanced life. This means support for the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves so you can become the person you are destined to be. Through proactive wellness and regular self care all of this is possible!

I do what I do because I have seen first hand what else is possible and it is my life’s purpose to help others.”

-With love, Rhianna Mays, Energy Transformer and Intuitive (as well as a Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher and Access Consciousness BARS Practitioner. )